a question about explodingdog.

"are you done?"

"This has probably been answered many times by some method besides your main site, but are you ever planning on painting again on Exploding Dog?"

I've not answered that question yet. is no longer the path I'm walking down. I haven't updated it since 2015 and have been wondering away. I feel like the old me sat down on a rock to rest. I never planned on going as long as I have and it was made for a different time. Maybe if the weather changes I'll loop back to it.

I'm not sure what I'm doing. The new me is moving forward. 

I'm still drawing and will put drawings here at along with some projects that wouldn't fit in at This is a fresh start. I needed a fresh start. I'd like to reflect and write up a "What Explodingdog meant to me" post. Right now I'm not reflecting well. 

Thanks for reminding me to say goodbye to the old me and not just walk away.


You can still find me here,, Instagram and twitter.

(and the store is still open)